As a famously chilled out egg, Gudetama is the perfect representative for a Japanese onsen (hot spring public bath). Previously, he’s teamed up a few times with Gokurakuyu, a chain of public baths, who have let the beloved Sanrio character take over their facilities for Gudetama themed bathing experiences.

They may have also noticed from previous collaborations with their restaurant, that Gudetama lends his image well to themed menu items, his lethargic yellow face being instantly recognisable and charming.

This winter, Gokurakuyu’s restaurant are at it again, serving up some Gudetama themed treats of their own, many of which take the spa theme to another level, portraying the character relaxing in various culinary baths of his own.

Gudetama’s yolky features are transplanted into a bath of various sushi toppings over rice in the Gude-chirashi (2380 yen).

In a Japanese public bath there’s always space for people to take a lie down and sleep if they want to. Here Gudetama takes a rest on a soft bed of carbonara (1280 yen) with a thick bacon blanket.

This keema curry Gudetama (1180 yen) looks like a visual representation of how relaxed you feel after taking a hot spring bath.

He also sometimes enjoys taking a dip in a bubbling jacuzzi of cheese mentai mochi (880 yen).

A simple and traditional Japanese comfort food like tamago-kake gohan (550 yen) is perfect on a chilled out onsen day.

Don’t be shy about going Gudetama crazy, you can order as many additional eggs as you want, either raw or half-cooked, for just 200 yen a pop.

Moving on to the desserts, the iconic egg character can also be found floating in a pudding (530 yen).

Or as some crunchy Gudetama tarts (780 yen).

Yuzu, a type of citrus fruit, is sometimes added to the baths on special occasions, so here’s Gudetama taking his own yuzu bath in a carbonated beverage (530 yen).

Patrons can also look forward to receiving one of twelve original coasters that celebrate Gudetama’s love of bathing. Customers can receive one coaster per menu item they order, or in the case of the Gude-chirashi you get three! The available designs differ depending on whether you visit a branch of Gokurakuyu or Raku Spa. (Not all branches are participating in the collaboration menu, please check the website for full list of locations.)

The collaboration menu is continuing until 31st January 2020, so start off the year right with some spa self-care a la Gudetama!

By - Jess.