Fans of Japanese hot springs, better known as onsen or sento, may remember that the allure of a relaxing bath can be so great that it lead to the opening of a hot-spring-themed spamusement park. Popular chain Gokurakuyu is no stranger to livening up their bathing facilities, having offered ice cream-scented hot springs in the past. Now Gokurakuyu is calling on the power of Japan's favorite adorably lethargic egg, with a Gudetama-themed onsen experience that lets guests take a bath with 10,000 lounging Gudetamas.

For a limited time, Gokurakuyu will be teaming up with the popular Sanrio character for an event that will fill the baths of their Hamamatsu and Suita locations with 10,000 floating Gudetama balls, so that guests can feel just like the lazy egg when he stews in his own yolk.

Take a bath with 10,000 Gudetamas!

Gokurakuyu will also loading up on Gudetama decorations throughout both facilities, including a Gudetama-themed portion for the menu of their cafe area and a limited-edition goods shop.

Gudetama welcomes you to his lazy onsen

The event menu offers a Gudetama twist on roast beef bowls, carbonara pasta, caramel parfaits, udon, and egg-topped rice bowls.

Eat all the Gudetama to get cool coasters

You also get a free Gudetama coaster with each order

Take-home goods such as t-shirts and tote bags are available, as are towels that you can use in the onsen.

Load up on Gudetama hot spring goods

The Gudetama-themed bath opens up on June 15th (merchandise and cafe are already available) and will run until June 24th. Here is the access information for both the Osaka (Suita) and Hamamatsu (Shizuoka) locations.

By - Big Neko.