Keep your calendar, and stomach, empty on February 29th because it’s Niku no Hi 肉の日, or Meat Day in Japan, which means it's time to gorge on meat! Niku no Hi is celebrated every 29th of the month, as 2 and 9, which can be pronounced ni and ku in Japanese, is pronounced identically to niku 肉, the Japanese word for meat. But February 29th is a special Niku no Hi because it only comes around every 4 years. What is more, it’s also the first Meat Day of the Reiwa era! This means restaurants across Japan are trying to outdo each other with meaty feasts to appeal to rumbling stomachs of hungry carnivores.

With the steaks high, one Nagoya based restaurant is pulling out all the chops and serving up a truly gargantuan burger this meat day! Tefu Tefu Meieki Store‘s “Mountain Meat Burger” is a towering, Everest like a stack of juicy beef burgers and layers of tomatoes, eggs and avocado, complete with a thick coating of melty raclette cheese. It’s a mouthwatering, majestic beef-heamoth, begging to be devoured, and also photographed for its instagramability!

For customers who want to celebrate Niku no Hi by devouring nature’s many meaty bounties, Tefu Tefu is also providing an all-you-can-eat meat plate consisting of 4 different types of meat. Roast beef, prosciutto, sausage and tandoori chicken means customers can enjoy a little, or, since it’s Meat Day - a lot of everything.

All this can be had for the bargain price of ¥1,929 (excluding tax). Visitors and residents of Japan with a taste for protein: it’s time for you to meet your meaty match at Tefu Tefu Meieki, Nagoya!


  • Period: January 29, 2020
  • Fee: ¥1929 (excluding tax)
  • Conditions: Order through one drink (330 yen) separately
  • Store Details: “TefuTefu Meieki Store
  • Address: 1-22F, Daitokai Building, 3-22-8 Meieki Station, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
  • Phone number: 052-589-2299
  • Access: 6 minutes on foot from Nagoya Station
  • Business hours: 17:00-23:00
  • Listing on Gurunavi

By - Toby M.

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