Did you know that some Japanese consider the 29th of every month ‘Meat Day?’ In Japanese, two is ‘ni’ and nine can be pronounced ‘ku’, which sounds enough like 肉 ‘niku’ to be considered special. Supermarkets and restaurants across Japan often take full advantage of ‘Meat Day’ in their marketing strategies. February 29 is doubly special since it only comes around every four years.

This year, the yakiniku restaurant Gyu-Kaku 牛角 is celebrating Meat Day by offering 29 items for half-price. The half-price promotion will run from February 5th until March 1st at all of its 629 restaurants nationwide (excluding Gyu-Kaku Buffet).

Half-price menu items include their kalbi beef ribs, skirt steak, beef tongue, and even medium-sized Asahi Super Dry draft beer. The discount applies no matter how many dishes you order. Gyu-Kaku will offer discounted highballs and soft drinks in addition.

What’s more, Gyu-Kaku will add six limited-time items to their menu. A mountain-sized portion of cabbage accented with kimchi, Korean seaweed, and a special tare dipping sauce is accompanied by one of four types of meat; kalbi beef ribs, pork taro, beef taro, and hormone (entrails).

They’ve also introduced 黒胡椒牛あんかけ焼きそば black pepper beef ankake yakisoba.

When you’ve had your fill of meat, you can try their new mandarin-stuffed mochi.

If your total bill comes to at least 3,000 yen, then show your server the half-price coupon from Gyu-Kaku’s official website to take advantage of this deal

By - Mujo.