If you were asked to think of examples of drive-thru shops and what they usually have for sale, the first thing that’ll probably pop into your head is the typical drive-thru fast food restaurant that sells things like hamburgers and fries.

What probably won’t pop into your mind is boba tea, but in a country like Japan—where the drink is so popular that specialized trash cans just for the plastic cups had to be built—there’s now a shop where you can get the boba tea of your choice while you’re in a drive-thru.

The newly-opened Tapix shop in Katata, Shiga prefecture is the very first drive-thru boba tea shop in Japan. The store was opened on January 11, 2020, and is the third branch of their stores that they’ve opened in Japan.

In most major cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka, traveling via public transport like trains, buses, and subways is a lot more common. However, outside of those cities, many people in Japan tend to use cars as their main means of transportation. And so, a drive-thru shop might just be the most convenient way for boba tea lovers in Shiga to get their fix.

Tapix’s selling point in all of their branches is that they use fresh tapioca imported from Taiwan in their boba tea drinks. The tapioca pearls start off warm and soft and gradually become cooler as you consume your drink.

Their drink menu has several types of milk tea that have ingredients specially brought over from different places. One version of their milk tea uses brown sugar from Okinawa, another one uses imported tea from Taiwan, and there’s also a more unusual one that uses green tea made in Uji, Kyoto, an area renowned for their rich green tea. Aside from tea, they also have a strawberry-based milk drink if you want a bit of variety.

In addition, the shop also serves their Mild Hot boba tea drinks, which can be a suitable choice especially during the cold winter months.

You can find the location of their Katata drive-thru boba tea shop, and information on their other branches and available drinks through Tapix’s official website.

By - Jen Laforteza.