When I think of Hokkaido, the first things that come to my mind are fresh air, beautiful places for sightseeing and a gourmet paradise!

In all of Japan, I believe that the fresh and delicious ingredients in Hokkaido make the food there the most delicious in the country.

Worldwide, sushi and ramen have become the symbol of Japanese food and are loved by many people.

I can say, from my experience that Hokkaido can as well become the seafood and ramen representative of Japan because both in the area are so delicious and have the most magnificent taste in all Japan.

Hokkaido offers us the tastiest ramen and Sapporo Ramen has become the boom among ramen lovers, popular not only in Japan but overseas, too.

I am visiting Sapporo and Hokkaido annually at least 2 times per year and between my local friends, I also have a few very familiar with ramen and the best local restaurants out there.

Here are 5 of the locals’ and my most recommended ramen restaurants in Hokkaido:

1. Akamatsu Ramen (Sapporo Akamatsu- Salmon Ramen)

Source: Akamatsu Ramen- copyright cinnamonellie

I can’t even recommend this place enough! For me, it’s become more of a tradition to go and eat Akamatsu Ramen whenever I am in Sapporo, so I also had the opportunity to talk with the owner of the shop.

Recently, it’s been getting even more crowded after a TV crew came by and the restaurant made its appearance on TV. Since then, even more people stop by the shop for their signature dish and the owner is now even traveling all over Japan to Ramen Festivals and Events all the way from Hokkaido.

Akamatsu is best known for the sake dashi (salmon broth) ramen and Doro Shouyu is their most popular flavor.

Source: Akamatsu Ramen- copyright cinnamonellie

You can also order Miso(味噌), for a more creamy and unique taste, Shouyu醤油/soy sauce, for a tangy flavor or Shio (塩/Salt), if you want to have a more refreshing flavor.

Akamatsu also uses fresh ingredients and nemagari bamboo instead of the traditional Menma, the noodles and local fresh ingredients making it a delicious authentic local ramen.

What is more interesting is that you can enjoy the well-balanced and rich in taste broth in two ways: as it is and the second way, by using the lemon that comes with the ramen bowl, squeezing it and turning the broth into a completely new refreshing taste (2 in 1! You can’t ask for more).

The owner is super nice and funny and the restaurant is also very nice with a local kind of atmosphere.

You can check their website below:

Official Website

Also, the operating hours are:

Wednesday-Friday: 11:30am- 2:45pm; 5:30 pm-7 pm

Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 11:30 am-14:45 pm; 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

The owner announces changes in the schedule on social media, too, so you can follow their Official Facebook Page and see if there have been any changes in the program.


2. Keyaki Ramen

For the unique taste of Miso and the Hokkaido Specialty, corn butter ramen, with local corn and other ingredients from Hokkaido,

The noodles are delicious and the broth has a light texture that anyone can enjoy. I like the garlic ramen the best, but all their dishes are Tres Bon!


3. Ramen Mokuren

A small restaurant located downtown Sapporo that promises a rich and refined flavor, fresh green onions and mizuna(water greens), garlic scents that will blow your mind as soon as you enter the restaurant and a perfect bowl of miso ramen full with savor!

In case you like your ramen less oily, you can ask them to make it with less oil by saying オイル少なめ(oiru sukuname).


4. Shirakaba Sansou Ramen

First opened in Sapporo, but now so popular that it expanded nationwide. When you think of Shirakaba Sansou Ramen, you think of Miso, or more like “The Legendary Miso Ramen”, as it is usually referred by people in Japan and ramen fanatics.

A piece of passion and ramen made from the heart is what made Shirakaba Sansou well-known nationwide and what makes them one of the best ramen restaurants in Japan.

The rich broth they made is a blend of pork bone-seafood and the thin layer of oil form the miso soup creates the perfect harmony in one bowl.

Well-balanced and super tasty!

A must try if you love ramen.


5. Ebisoba Ichigen

You can choose from three types of broth and you can also pick your favorite size of noodles (thin or thick).

The soup is Sono Mama (the regular shrimp base), a mix of pork(tonkotsu) and shrimp (Hodohodo) or Ajiwai(a thicker and much richer soup base, for those that like strongly flavored ramen).

I’d like to say give all a try if you have time while in Hokkaido, because off these places promise a gourmet experience you’ll never forget and all the delicious flavors will be a delight for your taste buds!


By - cinnamonellie.