If you are searching for a plant-based vegan or vegetarian meal, Tokyo has probably the widest range of options you can choose from, but recently veganism is slowly starting to expand in Japan and there are quite a few places to choose from outside of Tokyo, too.

Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian, I am sure you will love these places as the dishes served are simply delicious and very light on your stomach.

Here are our top picks of vegan restaurants in Japan:

T’s Tantan

I am personally a big fan of ramen, but I had a hard time finding vegan ramen in Japan until a friend introduced me to T’s Tantan. Their signature dish is tantan ramen, it is vegan, and looks and tastes amazingly delicious! I often go to the one located inside the Ueno JR Station, but there is also another branch in Chiyoda, that also offers take-out options, too.

T’s Tantan has many soy-based meals, a variety of salads, curry and during summer, I always get the soy ice cream! Delish!


Falafel Brothers near Roppongi station

This is one place I love going to. The atmosphere is very nice, they have various food options available and most importantly, falafel!

It is a friendly environment with incredible food, a wide variety of side dishes, quick service, good music and you’ll get a solid meal at an affordable price. I can’t recommend this place enough!


Vege stand

For quite a few options of vegan sandwiches and salads, I recommend vege stand. I sometimes go there, grab the vegan mushroom sandwich and a salad, plus my soy latte and I’m ready to start my day. They have so many dressings and the mushroom sandwich is super tasty!


Riccio d’oro

It’s gotten warmer outside and I am already craving for Riccio d’oro’s gelato. All are dairy-free and 100% vegan, have reasonable prices and lots of flavors to choose from. You should try tiramisu, purple sweet potato or the mango flavor! These flavors are simply amazing!


Wired BonBon in Shinjuku

If you love sweets, you will love this place, too! They have vegan options and so many adorable plant-based desserts. The parfait is to die for! Besides sweets and beverages, you can also order plant-based meals and a delicious matcha latte made with soy milk!


I hope you will find these recommendations useful for your trip to Japan and more vegan places, you can check out the HappyCow application as they list a great number of vegan places and healthy food options, together with events and plant-based recipes.

By - cinnamonellie.