Doraemon, the time-travelling robot cat, is a childhood favourite for many, and true fans will know that Doraemon wasn’t always blue.

When he was manufactured, he had a yellow coat of paint and pointy cat ears.

In a surprisingly harrowing story for a kids show, Doraemon lost his ears when they were nibbled off by mice, and a sadness potion made him cry uncontrollably, causing him to turn blue.

But he looks cute either way, as shown in these adorable treats. It’s not the first time the character has appeared as wagashi (tradtional Japanese sweets), but he was so popular last time he’s back for his 50th anniversary celebrations this year, with a different cute expression, and the elusive original Doraemon is up for grabs too.

The sweets which are part of the ‘Tabemasu’ series, which brings limited time only character wagashi to Lawson convenience stores in Japan, are made of ‘nerikiri'. This traditional sweet is created using a white bean paste and mochi dough and it can be easily coloured, moulded and carved into various shapes making it the perfect choice to create aesthetically pleasing confections.

Doraemon has a chocolate flavoured bean paste filling, while original Doraemon’s is custard flavoured.

These adorable wagashi will go on sale from 3rd March onwards in Lawson stores all over Japan (not including Lawson 100) and will cost 285 yen each.

By - Jess.