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A guide to Doraemon’s secret tools and gadgets with similar functions

There is a variety of gadgets that appear in the popular manga Doraemon written by Fujiko F. Fujio. Not only are there a few himitsu dōgu 秘密道具 (secrets tools) that you probably didn’t know much about, but there are also a few gadgets that have similar functions.

Therefore, below I will be introducing you a few of these items:

1. “Uso 800” (ウソ800 / Lie 800) and “Sono uso Honto” (ソノウソホント / Lies become truths)

Many people remember Uso 800 rather than Sono Uso Honto, because of its name that is easy to pronounce and sounds pretty cool.

Uso 800 is in a liquid form and while drinking it and speaking, while Sono Uso Honto is attached to the mouth, and looks like a beak of a bird. Both items make lies become reality.

2. “Small Light” (スモールライト) and “Gulliver Tunnel” (ガリバートンネル)

Both of the fictional gadgets have the power of making people smaller. While the small light is a flashlight that can be activated through its turn on/off switch, the tunnel type item has one large and one smaller mouth and if you go through it, you will get smaller.

3. "Ishikorobōshi"(石ころぼうし) and "Tōmei Cloak"(とうめいマント)

Both have features that make them invisible to others. However, in the case of "Ishikoroboshi," when you wear it, you will not be worried like a stone on the roadside, which is a psychologically invisible effect. In the case of "Toumei Cloak", it becomes physically invisible.

4. “Anywhere Door” (どこでもドア/ Doko demo Doa) and “Anywhere Window” (どこでも窓/ Doko demo Mado)

Doko Demo Doa is very popular among Doraemon’s gadgets and a life-size door can also be found outside in the garden of Fujiko F Fujio Museum.

It is pink and super adorable and the same as the anywhere window, it can take you to the place you want to go or anywhere in the world/universe.

5. "Fluffy sushi meter" (ズッシリメーター) and "Omokarutō" (おもかるとう)

Both have the function of changing the weight of goods and people. However, the "fluffy sushi meter" uses a lens to look into the object while the meter changes the weight. Omokaruto, on the other hand, is a flashlight type item. You can light an object and make it either heavier or lighter.


Other than the similar items above, here are a few more secret tools that appear in the manga and anime:

1. “The Wind Generator” (風発生機/ Kaze hasseiki)

This machine generates a small typhoon and you can freely control the wind force and its direction.

2. “The Secret Pen” (ないしょペン/ Naisho Pen)

This pen is for writing secret letters. The letters and even drawings you make with this pen can only be seen by the person specified in the letter.

3. “The Japanese standard calendar “(日本標準カレンダー / Nippon Hyōjun Karendā)

By attaching a Hinomaru sticker on the calendar and writing the name and meaning of the day, you can turn it into a national holiday. Isn’t that amazing?

From these items, I would sure pick the Anywhere Door and the Calendar that turns any day into a national holiday. How about you? What do you think of the secret gadgets and which one is your pick?

By - cinnamonellie.