Until the first half of March, big sport and cultural events in Japan are being canceled or postponed in response to a request issued by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on February 27 intended to stem a rise in new coronavirus infections.

However, some Japanese music artists are making the best of the situation by offering an alternative online, exceptionally offering to perform live, sometimes free of charge, or making past performances available to their fans. Many are using the term mukankyaku live 無観客ライブ meaning a live performance with no audience members (physically present at the performance site).

Archived performances

Sukima Switch: Feb. 28th

Syrup 16g

Day 1: Feb. 28th

Day 2: Feb. 29th

(Note: NicoNico Douga Premium subscription required)

Da-iCE: Feb. 29th

"Da-iCE LIVE TOUR 2017 -NEXT PHASE" Live and "Da-iCE BEST TOUR 2019" behind the scenes video

WACK: Feb. 29th


Featuring: BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, EMPiRE, CARRY LOOSE, Mameshiba no Taigun, and WAgg.

wacci: Feb. 29th

Number Girl: March 1st

NUMBER GIRL TOUR 2019-2020 Gyakufunsha Band

Only viewable until March 2nd, 23:59 (JST)

BAD HOP: March 1st

BAD HOP WORLD in Yokohama Arena

HapiDanbui: March 1st

Sanrio debuted their live band HapiDanbui featuring Kerokerokeroppi, Pochacco, Bad Batz-Maru, Hangyodon, Tuxedosam and AhiruNoPekkle at Sanrio Puroland.


Play.Goose: March 3rd 19:00 (JST)

You can see their "rehearsal digest" here:

m-flo: March 7th to 9th from 20:00 (JST)

To make up for their canceled March 14th concert, m-flo will perform for three nights in a row:

loves Live3

UMake: March 15th

Details to be announced on their Twitter account:

Strawberry Prince: March 21st

Indie pop boy group Strawberry Prince (sutopuri) has postponed their Nagoya Dome concert but will livestream on March 21st on their YouTube channel. Details to follow.

By - Ben K.