On March 2nd, it was announced in Japan that many schools would be closing as a quarantine countermeasure against the coronavirus. Whether students stay at home or head to after-school day care centers that have shifted their hours to look after children with busy parents, the timing of the cancellation at the end of the Japanese school year means that many students across the nation cannot have a graduation ceremony.

That wasn't going to deter the gaming fan and elementary school son of Shuhei Kashiwara (@backyennew), however.

Kashiwara stumbled upon his son playing Minecraft, resulting in the following exchange he shared on Twitter:

"What are you doing?"

"Everybody decided to have our graduation ceremony together."

Whoa. Amazing. The elementary students all got together to start a graduation ceremony."

"They even made an assembly hall really well!"

Source: @backyennew

Source: @backyennew

There are obviously a number of different serious concerns as people deal with the trying times caused by the coronavirus, but this simple and organic response by schoolkids who just wanted to do something communal with their friends via a video game is inspiring. You can watch the graduation ceremony in style, with music, below!

As for the students, it looks like they really enjoyed their graduation. Kashiwara writes that they spent the entire day laughing and playing together, and the joy certainly comes across in the video.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.