On March 2nd, many schools in Japan announced that they will be temporarily closing as a countermeasure against the ongoing spread of the coronavirus. In order to look after children (particularly those of working parents) who no longer have morning classes, daycare facilities normally open during after school hours are allowing children to come in during the day.

In response and as an effort to alleviate the concerns of providing meals for children, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson has announced they will be donating a total of 30,000 onigiri (rice balls) to day care facilities (in batches of 10,000 over the next three weeks)..

Source: © grape Japan

According to a Lawson press release, the convenience store will be delivering the rice ball batches (tuna mayonnaise, bonito flakes, salmon, and kelp fillings available) to the facilities. The rice balls are available in batches up to 200, or 2 per child. While they are being shipped on a first come first service basis, orders can be adjusted.

Orders can be made with a weekly deadline of Wednesday over the next three weeks, with more information available on the Lawson website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.