Whenever you need to prove your identity in documents, you might think to use a signature, but in Japan, people use a hanko (判子) instead. Hanko are personalized name seals that are stamped on to documents, and since they need to be unique to the person using them, you’ll often find customized hanko in various designs.

Since not everybody enjoys going through paperwork, why not add something cute to your arsenal whenever you have to stamp documents?

You can have hanko designs that feature Pokemon and Sanrio characters, and even ones you can customize with an image of your dog’s face. But if you’re not a fan of any of these characters, nor are you a dog person, you can now customize your hanko with cats instead.

These cat hanko seals allow you to pick from 15 different designs. They show kitties doing all sorts of adorable kitty stuff, such as yawning, stretching and sleeping.

The hanko also comes in 6 sizes and 3 different fonts you can have your name written in. Once you’ve decided on all of these, you can finally customize the hanko with your name.

These cat hanko designs aren’t just for show though, they can be registered for official use in some of the biggest banks in Japan, and when receiving items through Japanese postal services (You can view the list of banks and postal services that accept them here).

You can order your own cat hanko through Rakuten here.

By - Jen Laforteza.