Given that there’s few actual rules regarding the design of a personal seal, known as a hanko or inkan in Japanese, recently a whole host of awesome stamp designs have become available including much-loved characters like Hello Kitty, or you can even get one with your own dog on it.

As long as an element of your name is present, for the rest of the design you pretty much get free reign, and sure to be a popular choice for those adventurous enough to go for it, is the Pokemon seals which were first released in 2018.

Sweeping the Pokemon world, you can already get a hanko design including any of the creatures from the Kanto or Johto region. Now expanding further to the Hoenn region, you can cop any of these third generation Pokemon for your own personal name seal.

You can even get the much meme-d Mudkip as part of your signature design.

If you want to instantly awesome-ify your signature in Japan, all you have to do is choose the Pokemon you hold closest to your heart, select your favourite font for the name, and your personalised design will be sent to you. (Although sadly it seems there's no overseas shipping.)

These Pokemon designs meet the legal requirements of an authorised hanko, and are recognised by many major banks and postal services in Japan, so you can actually use them in your daily life.

Another cool feature is the self-inking cases that you can buy alongside your Pokemon hanko, making them easy to carry around wherever you go just like a real Pocket Monster!

It may only be super-fans who are committed enough to get a fun hanko like these to stamp official documents and contracts, but with so many beautiful Pokemon on offer, it makes it hard to resist. A tenuous grasp of professionalism, I choose you!

Now there’s a whole website dedicated to these Pokemon seals, so you can easily browse through all the options to make the hanko of your Poke-dreams. They can also be caught on Rakuten. Which Pokemon will you choose?

By - Jess.