Japanese paper puppet creator Wasu has a remarkable gift for bringing kawaii characters to life. Whether with original designs or the extremely-popular commissions which regularly appear on Wasu's Twitter account, it's clear that this artist knows just which body parts to animate not only to create the illusion of a living, feeling character, but also just how to animate that character in the most adorable way imaginable.

The basic moving parts of the puppets are the waist and neck, allowing for sidewise swaying movements of hips and head, and the more complex dolls have moving eyelids, arms, legs and tails, and sometimes mouth parts.

With Wasu's permission, we've chosen some of our favorites to share with you here.

Compilation videos

With so much talent, it's no wonder that Wasu has just passed a milestone of 100,000 followers:

As of February 23rd, Wasu was taking commissions:

If you'd like to see more of Wasu's amazing creations or order print-yourself kits, here are the links to bookmark:

By - Ben K.