Felissimo’s Fashion brand Syrup (シロップ/Shiropppu) has announced a new spring collection in collaboration with the beloved characters of Tove Jansson’s book, the Moomins.

Besides the Moomin x Felissimo’s spring collection, you can also browse their Official Website to see more of their adorable items now on sale.

New Items included in the spring collection Moomin x Syrup

1. Cute Knit Top created after the image of Too-Ticky (Too-ticki-Swedish, TuuTikki-Finnish)

The top can be used both as a cardigan or a sweater. 

The image used for inspiration was one of the beloved characters in Moominvalley, Too-Ticky.

For those not familiar with the character, Too-Ticky is a wise woman with a boyish appearance. She is also a good friend of the Moomins.

The design and pattern are delicately knitted and portray a scene of the novel version Moominland Midwinter.

There are so many details incorporated, including the red buttons, and one good thing is that you get a sweater and a cardigan in only one item.

You can wear it on both sides, so I feel that the concept is very innovative, and both sides have a cute design with Moomin incorporated elements.

You can buy it online for 5,600 yen (+ 10%- 6,160 yen)

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2. Moomin Knit Top

The second item is an adorable V-neck knit top, slightly longer in the back. It has an adorable Moomin print that is jumping on the lower side of the back.

You can easily match it with any clothes, and a white-collar or a dress underneath would make the outfit look perfect for this spring.

Price: 5,400yen (+ 10% 5,940 yen)

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3. A Fashionable Shirt based on a scene of “Moominland Midwinter” Novel

The last item is a loose, boyish blouse with a large print on the front. The print depicts a scene from the “Moominland Midwinter” novel and has a modern style that I find easy to match with any outfit.


You can see Moomin’s expression after waking up from hibernation, and the design is monochrome and very stylish, so it goes well with both pants and skirts.

Price: 4,000 yen (+ 10% 4,400yen)

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You can see more information on the New items Digital Catalogue (catalog pages 8-11) or the Moomin x Felissimo Official Website.

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