Giant goldfish are coming to light up the Hoshino Resort, Aomoriya as a part of the Shigakko Goldfish Festival from June 1 to August 31, 2020!

For the past 5 summers, the Hoshino Resort in Aomori has been holding the Shigakko Goldfish Festival, a lantern festival with a theme of all things goldfish. This year, the hotel has added a number of cultural, fun experiences for you to enjoy.

The Shigakko Goldfish Festival is an event held by Hoshino Resorts, Aomoriya that celebrates the goldfish. During the event, the halls of the Aomoriya hotel will be filled with goldfish paper lanterns in celebration of the summer festival. In addition to the 450 goldfish lanterns that will decorate the Goldfish Nebuta Lantern Corridor, a giant goldfish lantern, of over 3 meters in height can be also enjoyed by guests of the hotel.

Furthermore, this year the hotel will include a private space where members of women’s associations and groups can enjoy the goldfish theme surrounded by their closest friends.

A large lantern of over 3 meters known as the Goldfish Nebuta joins in this year as part of the festivities. The lantern is modeled after the Tsugaru Nishiki, a rare type of goldfish that was only permitted to be kept by the Tsugaru feudal clan warriors during the Edo period. Features of the fish include a long red tail fin and a lack of a dorsal fin.

In the past, Goldfish Nebuta lanterns would decorate the entrances to important family houses in Aomori during the Nebuta Matsuri. A water trough was often placed beneath the lantern so that onlookers could enjoy its reflection on the water. In modern times it has become an important decoration of the Aomori Summer Festival and is often seen adorned in houses, restaurants and public venues across the northern Honshū region.

In addition to all the matsuri type lanterns filling up the hotel with colour and a fun atmosphere, guests can complete their stay by renting a goldfish! Choose your favourite coloured goldfish and watch it swim gracefully in the water as you relax in your room. The rental fish are available to guests at a price of 500 yen per set which includes 2-3 goldfish, a fishbowl and a water filter.

A variety of goldfish themed items will be on the hotel menu during the Shigakko Goldfish Festival. Guests can enjoy Tomato Goldfish Nebuta Ramen, Adult “Fishbowl” Jelly made with local sake, cassis and apple jelly, or Goldfish Nebuta Ice, a cassis sorbet decorated with apple to give the appearance of a goldfish swimming in a bowl. The Tomato Goldfish Nebuta Ramen is available for 1,500 yen, the Adult “Fishbowl” Jelly can be bought for 1,200 yen and the Goldfish Nebuta Ice can be purchased at 900 yen.

The Shigakko Goldfish Festival is available to all hotel guests staying at Hoshino Resorts, Aomoriya from June 1 to August 31. Admission is free to hotel guests, however, the rental goldfish and food items must be purchased separately.

Hoshino Resorts, Aomoriya is a hot spring inn with 236 rooms surrounded by beautiful parks and ancient residences, located in northern Honshū. The hotel is an advocate of local Aomori culture, and guests are often treated to experiences and activities particular to the area

By - Connie Sceaphierde.