Super Mario is well known for stomping down rows of goomba's in his workman’s overalls. Soon he’ll be doing it in LEGO form too. However, he’s a less familiar face on the catwalk, or turning heads as he struts through hip neighborhoods in brand habiliments. But trendy street wear company Levi’s is about to make Mario the gold star of the fashion world with their Levi’s X Super Mario collaboration!

Beginning April 1st, you will be able to get your hands on a range of attire featuring the iconic video game character from Levi’s online store. The street-wear style denim clothing is vividly colored with patterns and character designs, including fan favorites, Yoshi, Luigi, Princess Peach and of course Mario himself. As if a denim jacket didn’t feel good enough already, with Mario’s face and branding added on, all there is to say is “Wa-hoo”.

In addition to character designs, the line also has classic decorative flourishes from the video-games. Shorts with gold coins poking from the pockets, denim overalls branded with gold stars, and the iconic jeans with “power up” tags stitched into the hems are just a few of the items that will “lvl up” your fashion game.

A list of available items can be found below. All the designs are unique to the Levi’s X Mario collaboration so you have the perfect excuse to splurge and go double denim while stocks last.

Men’s Line

  • ’93 501® Selvedge Jeans¥16,000
  • ’93 501® Shorts¥8,000
  • Overalls¥16,000
  • Trucker Jacket ¥14,000
  • Kruneck T-shirt¥4,000
  • Hoodie¥9,000
  • Polo Shirt¥6,000

Women’s Line

  • 501® Cropped Jeans¥15,000
  • 501® Shorts¥7,000
  • Short Overalls¥10,000
  • DAD Trucker Jacket ¥14,000
  • Kruneck T-shirt¥4,000
  • Hoodie¥9,000
  • Accessories (Bandana, Bag, Hat etc.) ¥2,500 - ¥4,500

By - Toby M.