Traditional Japanese sweets, or wagashi, come in a variety of delicious flavors and styles, but what can often make them stand out is how gorgeous they can look. Practiced confectionery makers combine a mix of ingredients, preparation, and presentation to whip up some amazing sweets that are as fun to look at as they are tasty to eat.

One great example of this is nerikiri, a mochi-like sweet made of sugar, starch syrup, and rice flour that delicately cut and molded into items inspired by the season (such as cherry blossoms) and often come in brilliant colors.

Wagashi master Masaaki Miyake (Twitter, Instagram) has quite the talent for crafting gorgeous nerikiri, doing so at his store Gogashi Beniya Miyake.

Miyake sometimes likes to spice things up by making wagashi modeled after animals and famous characters. Well, who better to fit into the wagashi world than the bright and colorful characters of Nintendo's Pikmin?

Miyake showed off the natural combo with these amazing Pikmin nerikiri that are just too cute to eat! And they even have a trick that plays of the plant aspect of the cute creatures!

Source: @beniyamiyake

Source: @beniyamiyake

Source: @beniyamiyake

Source: @beniyamiyake

As Miyake explains, the edible flower attached is actually a mechanism that absorbs water from the anko red bean paste inside and slowly opens. In that way, it mimics the way a Pikmin's flower blooms as they grow stronger!

Miyake adds that an unfortunate aspect of the Pikmin wagashi is that the flowers only last for 30 minutes, meaning these Pikmin are made to be eaten fast. He jokingly noted that because of the time limit, they aren't a sweet that's easy to photograph!

These aren't the first adorable traditional sweets Miyake has made, of course, take a look at some of his outstanding works in the past!

To see more delicious and beautiful traditional Japanese snacks, be sure to follow Miyake Twitter and Instagram!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.