In a change of pace from our usual articles, we hope you'll indulge us in a little guessing game. If you've watched Japanese TV, then you may be familiar with the premise. You're shown something being made in a factory but you're not told what it is and it's up to you to guess as you follow each step of the manufacturing process.

Let's begin.

This factory in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture is proud to be Japan's top manufacturer of a quality product which is not only sold in Japan but around the world.

It starts with the raw material:

© YouTube: "大阪・泉佐野で作られる世界トップシェアの商品" | © Sankei News

Then it's put through a rolling machine and mixed with additives:

© YouTube: "大阪・泉佐野で作られる世界トップシェアの商品" | © Sankei News

It is then processed in a machine and impurities are removed.

© YouTube: "大阪・泉佐野で作られる世界トップシェアの商品" | © Sankei News

This is what it looks like once the pre-processing is complete:

© YouTube: "大阪・泉佐野で作られる世界トップシェアの商品" | © Sankei News

There are a few more steps left, but can you guess what it is?

No, not yet? OK, then here's one more hint.

This is what it looks like after coloring agents are added:

© YouTube: "大阪・泉佐野で作られる世界トップシェアの商品" | © Sankei News

So, what are they making? Do you have an idea?

Watch the video until the end and see if you got guessed it right:

If you're unable to play the video, the answer is below in white text (select it to reveal the answer):

O'Band Rubber bands made by Kyowa Limited

By - grape Japan editorial staff.