One of the most frustratingly adorable trends of art on Japanese twitter is the hobby of "fake sweets" makers. While super realistic fake food displays is an entire industry in itself for convenient restaurant menu browsing in Japan, but many of these fake sweets artists tease our appetites by combining their already delicious-looking desserts with animal motifs--like shiba inu butts and derpy faces.

Talented Japanese fake sweets artist DOLCE MARTIN (@MARTIN_ron3) gives most of their clay creations a bear motif, and it's impressive how seamlessly the adorable animal fits right into any dessert--especially sakura chiffon cake!

No matter what the fake dish is, this bear looks right at home being served up on it. Here are some highlights of DOLCE MARTIN's bear treats and sweets. Be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram for more!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.