As the sakura season reaches its beautiful and bittersweet finale, cherry blossom fans are enjoying their last run of sakura-themed goods for the year. While there's plenty of merchandise to go around, perhaps one of the cutest and tastiest are these sakura-shaped pasta that bringing cherry blossom viewing (花見, hanami) straight to your dinner table.

Yamagata Prefecture's noodle maker Tamaya Seimen has released pasta packages of cherry blossom-shaped noodles that will turn just about any dish into a picturesque plate of Japanese Springtime. While it may come across as a gimmicky pasta, the noodle packs come with the blessing of a reputable noodle maker, which produces a variety of udon, soba, and ramen noodles, using especially selected durum wheat, with Japanese beets used to give the pasta its sakura coloring that remains even after boiling.

The chewy Sakura Pasta are great a dish one their own, but can also be used as toppings and edible garnishes that range from cute to elegant.


Source: Tamaya Seimen


Source: Tamaya Seimen


Source: Tamaya Seimen

So you can take the simplest of dishes and add a graceful Spring touch to it with just a few sakura pedals.

So cute and tiny, they are a perfect fit for bento-boxes!

While an innocent cute release, internet responses have turned the pasta into a big hit. Should you be in position to get some, they're available at Tamaya Seimen's online shop for 400 yen ($3.69 USD) a pack. There is also a discounted pack of three for 1,000 yen ($9.24 USD). While Tamaya Seimen only appears available for domestic shipping, Japan Trend Shop provides international shipping in packs of five.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.