How many weeks has it been now, stuck inside while under Coronavirus lockdown? For us folks in Japan, we’ve been under some level of lockdown for about… oh, roughly 8 weeks? Maybe more? Everything starts to blur together after so long. While everyone’s probably going a little stir-crazy, it is for the best.

So if you’re not able to get out, why not take a stroll through the “Virtual Market 4”, the world's largest virtual market!

About “Virtual Market 4”

In “Virtual Market 4”, you are able to visit 36 separate venues or “worlds” set within a virtual space in which you can purchase both 3D and real products offered by various exhibitors and companies, including various “circles”. You can also ride on virtual vehicles, watch videos, and enjoy chatting with others.

About “Individual Circle” Booths

Besides “Parareal Tokyo”, which is reserved for companies, over 1,400 individual exhibitors (circles) will set up unique booths dedicated to their hobbies and more, within 6 different "worlds"! Exhibitors will show off avatars, accessories and costumes for avatars, 3D house and room models, original doujinshi, illustrations, music and more! You can even try out the 3D avatars and other models before purchasing!

About Company Booths

As of April 21, 40 separate companies will be participating in “Virtual Market 4” within the “Parareal Tokyo” world. Each company will offer unique experience and designs that can only be experienced here.

Participating Companies

* Check out those NieR:Automata avatars of 2B & 9S!!

“Virtual Market 4” Overview

  • Sponsor: VR Corporation HIKKY
  • Event Period: 11:00 am Wed., April 29 - 11:00 pm Sun., May 10 (JST)
  • How to Participate: website
  • Venue: VR Chat / VirtualCast

By - Terra Dragos.