Physically restricted but virtually free

Whether imposed by force of law or encouraged through strong suggestion, people around the world are practicing self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Shopping in department stores, visiting museums, traveling, attending events, going to nightclubs, hanging out with friends, all activities which were taken for granted pre-pandemic are now off-limits. Unless you have a VR headset, that is.

Of course, VR can't replace the real thing, but the pandemic is providing an opportunity for people to discover ways in which they can practice physical distancing while bridging social distance, and VR offers a means to do so.

The popular VR social application VRChat has seen a noticeable increase in activity, showing a 41% gain in average monthly users between February and today.

And then there are the games. The options for gamers in the VR space continue to expand with more exciting titles coming out and VR options being added to existing ones.

VIVE Ambassador Program and iroiro rental

If you live in Japan and want to experience VR, or if you're a developer who wants to promote VR development, then HTC has an opportunity which could interest you:

Through the VIVE Ambassador Program, and in collaboration with the iroiro rental service, you could enjoy using VIVE VR equipment free of charge and have unlimited access to the VIVEPORT Infinity subscription service for 60 days.

In exchange, if you are selected as a VIVE ambassador, you'll participate in promotional activities such as relating your impressions and talking about the appeal of using VIVE and VIVEPORT content on the main channel and on your social media.

If you're a developer, HTC will provide support for the purpose of VIVEPORT development (PCVR / Mobile VR), tailored to your development field.

Equipment rental

  • VR Player set (VIVE Cosmos + notebook PC)
  • VR Gamer set (VIVE Cosmos Elite + notebook PC)
  • VTuber set (VIVE Pro Eye + VIVE controllers (3) + notebook PC)
  • VIVE Pro HMD (Base Stations (2) , controllers (2))
  • VIVE Pro Eye HMD (Base Stations (2) , controllers (2))
  • VIVE Focus Plus HMD

VIVE Cosmos:

With permission from © HTC Corporation

VIVE Cosmos Elite:

With permission from © HTC Corporation

VIVE Pro Eye:

With permission from © HTC Corporation

Accessories (for developers chosen as amabassadors):

  • VIVE Trackers (3) (compatible with Base Station 1.0)
  • VIVE Tracker 2018 (3) (compatible with Base Station 1.0 & 2.0)
  • VIVE Pro Eye lip tracking module

Application details

If you're interested in this opportunity, here are the details:

  • Application period: April 22nd to May 4th
  • Number of ambassadors chosen: 5 to 10
  • Ambassador activity period: After May 8th, for a period of 60 days
  • Ambassador requirements: At least one post or broadcast about VIVE on the main channel, and at least one post a week about VIVE on your social media.
  • Application page: iroriro rental
  • Note: Successful candidates will be contacted by email or Twitter DM

By - grape Japan editorial staff.