It’s been a long month. Japan is preparing for a wave of the virus as more individuals stay home, and further precautions are implemented. Unfortunately, it seems things will be getting worse before they get better.

These days, I spend nearly every waking hour online, following headlines, and trying to understand the amount of economic disruption about to take place. According to respected hedge fund manager Ray Dalio, for instance, there will likely be an NWO on the other side of the pandemic.

Good thing I’m a wrestling fan.

Nevertheless, there are only so many apocalyptic headlines and dystopian op-eds you can consume. When it’s time to take a break, I look to the internet for what it does best: cat videos, pure and simple.

The Lap Napper

Starting off strong: this little furball is ready for a nap. But she's a bit particular about exactly where she cuddles up:

As you can see, this poor kitten, known as Hinoki, is dead-set on sleeping on her human's lap, and just like us, she isn’t willing to tolerate any interruptions. Even when she is removed and curled up on the carpet, she comes right back to where she was. Her owner moves her again, but the poor girl just wants to sleep.

Break It Up

A few years later, and Hinoki is all grown up. Yet, on this particular day, she seems to be arguing with her sibling. Things look a bit heated; somebody had better do something…

Leave it to Ohana, the newest addition to the family. She sees Hinoki and Hideyoshi fighting and gets right between the two of them. And just like that, things calm down. It seems like it's now playtime instead—good ol' Ohana.

Tucked Into a Futon

It’s just another Saturday, and this little guy—his name is Towa—is comfy watching TV with his human friend. Something good is on it seems: maybe Tiger King?

Yet, sure enough, about a minute into the video, it’s time to hit the hay. Towa gets into his futon, but can't quite take his eyes off the TV. Soon enough, however, he gets sleepy and tucks himself in.

That is until his owner gets up. "Hey, where'd you go?"

Fans thought Towa was pretty adorable:

“He melted my heart when he shot out of the futon.”

“He must think he’s a human child.”

“When he stuck his head out of the futon, my heart stopped for a moment. My chest hurts, he's so cute."

“What!? How is he this cute? It’s horrible how cute he is!”

A Lucky Find

This next one is a little different. On their channel, Shiba Inus Rikiriko and Ririmuta were enjoying a day off. That afternoon, they decided to go for a car ride, followed by a walk in the mountains. But, little did they know, someone was waiting for them.

A few minutes into the video, Rikiriko and Ririmuta's human goes off into the woods to "take care of business." But, to his surprise, he finds a kitten struggling to crawl her way through the underbrush. He notes that the kitten is wet, so it must have been out over the last few days, and unfortunately, endured being in the rain. It's cold in the mountains, so it's incredibly fortunate that she was found when she was.

Ririko and Ririmuta are shocked to learn they have a new sister but seem to warm up to her quickly. The kitten, whose name is Rita, gets her shots as well as some much-needed nutrition. It looks like she'll be part of the family from hereon.

Back at the house, it looks like Rita is getting on well.

Newly Borns

This trio of newly born kittens is just 25 days old. Regardless, they go straight out on the prowl exploring their new room. It must seem like quite a big place, but fortunately, their human is there to show them the ropes. And maybe play a little too in the meantime.

The trio has a lot to learn, and of course, potty training and litterbox etiquette are first on the list. Again, luckily their human is there to make sure everything gets sorted. Nice and easy.

A little more play, and sure enough, everyone has worked up an appetite. That bottle couldn't come soon enough. The trio settles down for lunch and makes short work of some scrumptious milk. With a full tummy, there is only one thing left to do: lie down and take a nap. Gotta rest now--when they wake up, it'll be time to do it all over again.

By - Luke Mahoney.