The Japanese side of Twitter is filled with creative "food artists" who seem to strike a perfect balance between delicious and adorable, turning out treats that make you wonder if you should eat or pet them such as dango shaped like shiba inu faces and butts, or beautiful steamed goldfish gyoza.

Japanese Twitter user and baking enthusiast @kaname_OAl7 may have raised the adorable pastry bar to an impossibly high standard however, baking up this cute homage to Yeast Ken, a shiba inu/loaf of bread hybrid Japanese mascot character, with these adorable strawberry jam and cream cheese filled puffy shiba inu bread balls.

Source: @kaname_OAl7

If you're unfamiliar with Yeast Ken, nobody is quite sure if he's a shiba inu or a loaf of bread, but he does smell like bread and often hides in a Japanese bakery. He also makes for a pretty darn cute huggable pillow.

@kaname_OAl7's baking talents don't end there, however. In the past, they've whipped up other awesome snacks such as fruity Kirby bread at the request of their daughter.

And also honors other mascots in baked form, such as axolotl mousse and blue curacao jelly inspired by Japanese mascot Hola Salamanders.

Of course, no mascot-themed food list would be complete without Japan's favorite lethargic egg, Gudetama.

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By - Big Neko.