As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc worldwide, it's only natural for us to have very strong emotional reactions to this existential challenge. Some may feel dread and despair, others deep sadness, others may resort to denial, but if we are to survive as a species, it behooves us to take a fighting stance.

Whether working directly on the frontlines of medicine to do battle with the virus, working as businesses, entrepreneurs or shop owners to redirect resources and contribute materially or financially, or leading by example with safe practices and promoting life-saving information as individuals, we can all "fight" in some way. Even motivating others by showing your fighting spirit can help.

And here's a way to do just that.

fxxkin'CORONA face mask

Designed by "supply the right," an in-house apparel brand launched mainly by fashion buyer MB, the "fxxkin'CORONA" line started with a T-shirt, and then a cap, sold on their online shop, with a simple but strong and direct message that should makes it very clear to everyone how you feel about the novel coronavirus.

According to their press release, supply the right wants to send the message: "Let's enjoy being at home and beat corona!"

The first two items proved to be very popular, with 1000 units sold in the first 24 hours. Now, the third item, launched on May 3rd, brings the message to one of the symbolic "frontlines" of your personal fight against the virus: your mask.



Product Details

  • Name: fxxkin'CORONA face mask
  • Content: One set of two masks, 1 black, 1 white
  • Care: Rewashable
  • Strap: with adjuster, for a customized fit
  • Price: 2,480 JPY (incl. tax), free domestic shipping
  • Availability: While supplies last
  • Expected shipping date: Beginning on May 25th, 2020

To pre-order yours, visit their product page here.

By - Ben K.