Because of the coronavirus, many people refrain from going outside unless it is an emergency and there's no other option but to leave the house.

In Japan, many people are used to wearing masks, but that doesn’t mean they wear it for a long time or that their ears are not hurting because of it.

Nowadays, when we need to wear it to protect ourselves and others, our ears end up irritated or itchy and it might be quite painful if you wear it every day for long hours. The strings will end up hurting your ears and even cause headaches.

In Japan, a life hack that resolves this unpleasant problem has been a hot topic in the past few days and we would like to share it with you.

Stop the string and protect your ears!

These are some creative and useful hacks and items that will stop the strings and the pain altogether.


If you are wearing glasses, you can just pull the strings behind your glasses. It is easy to do, doesn’t look weird and your ears will thank you.

Bread Clip

Many of us have bread for breakfast and we just throw away the bread clips from the plastic bags. A Japanese lady used her imagination and tried out a bread clip to stop the mask strings from hurting her ears and make her life easier.

Cat Hook

This design is so cute and practical so it has already gained a lot of fans in Japan.

Freddie Mercury

I fell in love with this fresh and fun idea and as a fan of Queen, I’d love trying it out.

These are the items that are not only creative but also very useful during these times. Stay safe and if you have any other fun ideas, we’d love to see it, so don’t forget to share it with us.

By - cinnamonellie.