While those with many mouths (or one big mouth) to fill should be plenty happy with Japan's new curry rice cooker that whips up curry and rice at the same time, people looking for just the right amount of rice may have found their new favorite appliance: a high speed bento box sized rice cooker designed to make the perfect amount of rice for one person.

The super quick and personalized high speed rice cooker is designed by Japanese Akihabara-based retailer Thanko, who specializes in "practical" products such as wearable kotatsu blankets and compact silent ice makers. Their new Ultra Speed One Person Bento Rice Cooker definitely fits that profile, as it's a lightweight (840 grams) rice cooker small enough to fit in your work or lunch bag ( 24 centimeters in length) that can cook a single bento serving of rice (180 milliliters) in one go of 19 minutes, or 14 minutes for half a serving.

Simply load up the compact rice cooker with washed rice and hit the switch to start up the speedy cooking process right around the time you start staring at the office clock and dreaming of your lunch break.

Of course, it makes just as much sense to use at home, particularly for solo diners who only need a simple serving to match the rest of their meal.

Washing up and storing away at work is hassle-free process thanks to its compact size.

At full capacity, the rice cooker can make one big donburi (beef bowl) sized serving or fill two smaller traditional rice cups to share.

Bring yourself some curry, strew, or other toppings and you've got a speedily prepared meal for the office.

Thanko sells the item online for 6,980 yen, with delivery expected in April.

By - Big Neko.