Going to the Vet

Nozomi Isami (@isaminn) lives with her cat Goro. One fine day she had to take Goro to the vet for his annual checkup. So she announced to him:

Goro, today we’re going to the vet. So let’s get ready.

Most cats have a special sense alerting them when a visit to the veterinarian is imminent. Or perhaps cats can put two and two together when they see the cat carrier.

However, Goro is not just any cat. Upon hearing his owner’s announcement, he reacted in quite a peculiar manner. Lucky for us Isami-san caught Goro on camera and shared his priceless reaction on Twitter.

Goro’s Reaction

Reproduced with permission from Nozomi Isami (@isaminn)

You may have misinterpreted Goro’s gaping mouth to be a cat smile. But that just isn’t the case. He is quite surprised and if you don’t speak cat, let me translate Goro’s reaction for you. He’s saying something like:


If you couldn’t help but burst out laughing at Goro’s reaction, you aren’t alone. Isami-san’s followers replied with “It’s like something you’d see in a manga,” “I laughed so hard,” and “What a face!”

Some users got creative with their replies:

To which Isami-san replied, “It’s a perfect match!”

Post-Vet Goro

If you were wondering how Goro fared at the vet, well we’re glad to say he survived. But he sure didn’t look happy.

Reproduced with permission from Nozomi Isami (@isaminn)

Just look at him pout. I bet he was smacking his tail on the floor in indignation.

There is a silver lining to this tale, however. The last time Goro visited the vet he ended up peeing in his cat carrier. This time Goro not only managed without peeing, but he persevered until the very end without batting a kitty cat eyelash. Great job Goro!

By - Mujo.