You know 'em, you love 'em, what would your life be without them? Door stoppers, the two-word plastic product that's on everyone's mind. And for a good reason. If you stop to think about it, it's impossible to fathom how much time you would waste across a lifetime if you had to stand there all day holding a door open.

Sure enough, in many public places, when you open a door you expect it to stay open, and thereby expect to see a door stopper, or at least have one on stand by. That said, a rather exceptional “door stopper” has been making the rounds on Twitter. User Hachiko (@Hachicotton) posted these photos:

“A double door stopper stopping me from going to the bathroom.”

Cat door stoppers! Absolutely adorable. As you can see, the white cat’s extended arms are quite cute. Hachiko commented on her post that, “I sometimes get tangled up with them. Yeah, it's cute, but in an emergency, I'm in trouble." Her followers reacted:

  • “These elaborate door stoppers are too cute. I hope you can go to the bathroom safely anyway...”
  • “I saw this post, and I laughed a lot!!! They are too sweet, so you should give up going to the bathroom.”
  • “Oh, these door stoppers are too cute. I want them for myself.”
  • “Please teach my cat how to be a door stopper.”
  • “These are two angels”

Asleep on the job

There is another furry door stopper trending on Twitter. User Rintaro (@rin_taro123) posted this picture of his cat:

“He has been sleeping a lot in front of the door lately, but when I opened the door, he turned over and became like in the second picture! I can't close the door anymore.”

His followers reacted to this post:

  • “His feet after he turns over are cute. My cat also sleeps in front of the door... I wonder if there are some reasons for this or not.”
  • “He’s so cute. It soothes my soul.”
  • “My cats often sleep in front of the door too. Maybe it's cooler especially during the summer. Your cat looks so cute sleeping!”
  • “He’s blocking it from closing. Lol”

Doggy door stoppers

Felines aren’t the only ones moonlighting as doormen. Twitter user Suzuki (@suzuki_kuritaro) posted a photo of her dog sleeping in front of the door:

“This was what I saw before going to work this morning... I wonder if I can call in because I can't open the door. Lol.”

Indeed, it would feel awfully sad and disrespectful to step over this sleeping pupper just to clock in on time at the office. Suzuki's followers reacted to her upload:

  • “Malicious obstruction. It’s a trick to keep you at home.”
  • “I hope that your company has a system for remote working.”
  • “It’s a special door stopper!”
  • “You should take the day off.”
  • "That's a good enough reason to take a break from work."
  • “My pet does this in front of the toilet, so I went to a convenience store to use the toilet.”
  • “Too cute.”

Some users even opted for advanced, home security options. See the lightning-fast response of the security focused model posted by Toyowa (@HowaSeiki)

“Door stopper”

His followers reacted:

  • “I like how he’s like, “What? Something happened?” and goes back to sleep. Lol.”
  • “Wow, it’s a high-performance machine with a door and intruder sensor function! Lol."
  • “It's a living door stopper. Lol.”
  • “I almost spit soba from my mouth. Lol.”

One more, for the road

Finally, Twitterer Outsourcing Office Mirai (@no_eru_0105) posted a similar picture that simply had to make this list. See for yourself why:

“How do you possibly fall asleep that way? Did I make a mistake in raising him? Lol.”

Strangely enough, he looks so comfortable sleeping that way. Her followers reacted this post:

  • “Oh, it’s such a cute door stopper!”
  • "He must be like his owner? Lol."

Fortunately, in this day and age, there are unique and cute door stoppers available. Nobody knows why or how they carry on, but we are forever thankful that they choose to do so.

By - Luke Mahoney.