Even after lockdowns are lifted across the world, it’s likely many of the measures in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus will remain for some time. Physical distancing, sanitization of processes across services and industries, remote working, and more are likely to become fixtures of our daily lives in what is being dubbed: the new normal. With this in mind, the new normal’s most basic unit of common knowledge should be how to properly disinfect our hands using hand sanitizers

Since the onset of COVID-19, public hand sanitizers have been placed at entrances of most stores, offices, and public places in Japan. We’re so used to using them now that we barely even think about the process. But is our confidence in this simple skill misplaced? One famous Japanese comedian and TV personality’s hand disinfectant tutorial may surprise you.

In April, popular Japanese TV comedian Mihotoke (@mihotoke_chan), who is also a qualified nurse, posted images on twitter of how to correctly disinfect your hands using antiseptic hand sanitizer. The tweet explains one common misconception in particular...

For those of you who think way too much liquid comes out with one push

We’ve all been there. Placing our hands beneath public sanitizer bottles and pushing the plunger, only for our entire hand to be soaked in a deluge of antiseptic gel. What’s the deal?

As the Coronavirus pandemic has spread across Japan, demand for antiseptic handwash has skyrocketed and stores are now facing shortages. However, there’s no point picking any up unless you know how to use it!

Mihotoke’s post on Twitter explains the reason why people think that too much liquid comes out of antiseptic dispensers.

Such a large quantity of sanitizing liquid is jettisoned from the bottle so that the user can make a small antiseptic pond in the palm of their hand!

As the below picture shows, cup your hand so it makes a saucer for the antiseptic liquid. Then, dip your fingers in the pond of liquid to thoroughly disinfect between your nails.

With permission from Mihotoke (@mihotoke_chan)

With permission from Mihotoke (@mihotoke_chan)

Repeat this process for the other hand by making a pond of disinfectant and dipping your hands in to really clean the nails.

With permission from Mihotoke (@mihotoke_chan)

With permission from Mihotoke (@mihotoke_chan)

After that, rub the remaining liquid between your fingers until the alcohol drys, in the same way you would wash your hands.

With permission from Mihotoke (@mihotoke_chan)

With permission from Mihotoke (@mihotoke_chan)

For those concerned about the sanitizer drying out your hands, it’s recommended to moisturize after use.

Mihotoke’s method has been validated by Saraya Co., Ltd., a pharmaceutical company that produces hand sanitizing products, who have a video promoting a similar method for using hand sanitizer.

Mihotoke also explained in her post that hand sanitizer producers post the recommended method for their products on their web pages.

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  • Ah, I see! I always thought it was a lot, but that wasn’t the case.”
  • I didn't know how to use it properly... Thank you very much.
  • I learned a lot. I want to put it in to practice it immediately!

So there you have it, readers! You now have the upper hand when it comes to hand sanitizing. Stay safe and keep those hygiene standards high!

By - Toby M.