For those who aren't familiar with it, the Party Parrot is a meme and a Slack emote which rose to prominence in late 2016 to early 2017, featuring a depiction of a multi-colored animated parrot. It originated from a viral video uploaded on YouTube in 2009, showing a scene from a BBC nature documentary in which a parrot tries to mate with a zoologists' head, all the while elatedly bobbing its head in a circular motion.

The Party Parrot has since been adopted on Reddit, spawned games, Chrome keyboard extensions, and even made an appearance in Minecraft.

Now, as a testament to its ongoing popularity, the frisky, happy, rainbow-colored bird has found a home in a most unexpected realm: mathematics.

Chartman's Party Parrot function

Chartman is a Tokyo University graduate student in engineering doing research in 3D modeling. He also happens to be a whiz at mathematical functions and prides himself on being the runner-up champion in a certain math functions competition.

Chartman devised a way of animating the famous bouncy parrot using nothing but the power of mathematical functions, and demonstrated it in a video he attached to a Tweet which has over 12,200 likes and 6,750 retweets at the time of writing:

There he is. Party Parrot in all his head-bopping colorful glory.

With permission from CHARMAN (@CHARMANq)

If you'd like to see all the mathematical details and learn how he did it, you can visit his project page on Desmos here.

If you're interested, you can follow Chartman on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.