On September 18th, much to the delight of the anime community, Studio Ghibli released over 400 stills from their library of most popular animated films. Since the release, many fans have spent hours browsing the catalog of pictures and enjoying nostalgia trips through Ghibli’s beautifully illustrated worlds.

Innocent viewing aside, it didn’t take long for the genius hive-mind of Japanese Twitter to turn the images into hilarious series of memes which have become a hot topic across the web in Japan. One hashtag in particular, #ジブリで学ぶ, #LearnedFromGhibli, has attracted a lot of buzz on Twitter. We’ve handpicked and translated some of the most amusing tweets for Grapee Japan readers to enjoy too. Check them out below!

Learned From Ghibli: The Homemaker Life

#LearnedFromGhibli has been picked up and used by different groups such as employees in certain jobs, students and a particularly popular one, stay at home mom’s. Check out some of the hilarious and relatable tweets about what the Ghibli stills can reveal about life as a homemaker in Japan. The following tweets use the hashtag #ジブリで学ぶ主婦業, #JiburiDeManabuShufugyou, which translates to #LearnedFromGhibliAboutHomemakerWork.

How many times have I told you to take tissue out of your pockets before putting them in the washing machine!?

Twitter user @kyokyokyopu’s on point meme about accidentally washing clothes with tissue in the pockets uses the scene from Spirited Away where Sen casts a magic spell. You definitely need more than magic if you’re going to repair the damage caused by washing a pair of pants with tissue in the pockets….

Sharing the same bath tub to save money on gas!

Another scene from Spirited Away used by @BnLJMCA90sKJg8j makes a joke about families sharing the same bath to save money on utility bills instead of refilling the tub for every member of the family!

I wondered what would happen if I stopped throwing away the used toilet rolls, so I tried it...after a few days lines of empty toilet roll started to appear on the bathroom floor….

This tweet will doubtless strike a chord with all the responsible people out there who throw away the used toilet roll tubes. Let’s face it, most of us just always assumed they threw themselves out. In reality there’s a cleaning superhero looking as downtrodden as Ariety in the above photo in every household.

Other amusing examples from the #LearnedFromGhibli hashtag includes some on the nose comments about studying English:

Me coming home from English School after another lesson where I couldn’t say the thing I really wanted to say…

Anyone who’s experienced learning a language can relate to @hapikosg pain, beautifully illustrated by the dejected image of No Face from Spirited Away.

Japanese students studying abroad have also used #LearnedFromGhibli as an opportunity to make some hilarious comments about life overseas like @abulaslime’s comment about expensive Ramen below.

When you pay $20 for a bowl of ramen because of the tip

Anyone who has been to or lived in Japan and enjoyed the luxury of $10 out of this world ramen, you can appreciate @abulaslime’s comment about the price of ramen overseas.

These are just a few of the great memes that have been made using Studio Ghibli’s library of stills. Search the hashtag #ジブリで学ぶ on Twitter to see more hilarious posts like these. Or why not visit the Studio Ghibli website, download some of the photos and try making your own?

By - Toby M.