The matcha parfait is a piece of art, and Japan’s dessert masters continue to push the art form to new heights. Sometimes literally, like the dizzyingly tall and elaborately constructed 13-layer parfait from Tokyo teahouse Nakamura Tokichi.

But one of the most gorgeous matcha parfait creations to grace Japan is surely Itohkyuemon’s hydrangea parfait. Itohkyuemon is a famous Kyoto tea specialists founded in 1832 and based in the area’s green tea Mecca, Uji.

Their hydrangea parfait is an aesthetic treat that the teahouse brings out in June to coincide with Japan’s rainy season. The elaborate sweet has been created in the image of blooming hydrangeas glistening with dew, an arresting sight which can be seen at a temple nearby Itohkyuemon’s main premises in Kyoto.

The very top of the parfait is decorated with purple and blue coloured sweet potato, and accented with green leaf matcha cookies. The next layer is a sparkling crushed jelly, which catches the light like a hydrangea’s petals after a night of showers. The parfait is brimming with rich green taste thanks to the copious amounts of Uji matcha involved. Don’t underestimate the popularity of this 1290 yen parfait, it will only be sold while stocks last and may sell out quick.

The ostentatious, flower-inspired dessert is available from 19th June in Itohkyuemon’s Uji honten main store, as well as the branch outside Uji train station and Gion Shijo-dori. Take a look at Itohkyuemon's website for up to date information on opening times.

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By - Jess.