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13 Layer Matcha Parfait is a Tall Glass of Japanese Sweet Perfection

Although matcha sweets never went out of fashion, it seems that they’re experiencing even more of a boom than before. From beautiful marbled matcha cheesecake to the most intense green tea gelato in the world, the whole of Tokyo is matcha dessert crazy.

If you’re feeling in the mood for a luxurious green tea experience, why not give Nakamura Tokichi a try?

This teahouse is situated on the fourth floor of the swanky new Ginza Six, a shopping mall in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district.

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The green tea specialists offer various teas, savoury dishes and desserts. Whatever you order also comes with a pot of green tea, the staff also explain to you what kind of green tea it is and how long you should wait for it to brew before enjoying.

The Most Extravagant Matcha Parfait in Tokyo

But their main event is the matcha parfaits, particularly their impressive 13 layer ‘Bessei Maruto Parfait’.

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This scientific looking diagram breaks down every delectable layer so you can see what goes into making such a special dessert.

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The bottom layer is a rich matcha sauce to balance out the sweetness of the other elements, followed by milk ice cream. Then there is a layer of adzuki beans.

They then move on to matcha jelly covered by another layer of matcha and bean paste. Crunchy rice puffs are then added for texture.

On top of this is an assortment of toppings: a chestnut, a berry and white mochi. The parfait is completed with a layer of matcha ice cream, a layer of matcha chiffon cake, matcha cream and then matcha powder. They really went in with the matcha towards the end there.

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The parfait is a bit pricey costing 2200 yen, so if you're not ready for such extravagance there's a slightly cheaper version available, the Maruto Parfait at 1400 yen.

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If you too want to get stuck into layer upon layer of matcha goodness, here are the details for Nakamura Tokichi teahouse.

Address: GINZA SIX 4F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061

Nakamura Tokichi Website

Ginza Six Website

Nearest Train Station: Ginza

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