With the arrival of June, summer is now literally just around the corner. This is the perfect time to bite into a fragrant and refreshing Japanese muskmelon. Of course, they're delicious as is, but if you want something more special, why not indulge in a muskmelon parfait?

Kihachi Cafe has the perfect suggestion with its new Muskmelon and White Wine Jelly Parfait, only available this summer, as well as other scrumptious desserts featuring muskmelon and white peach, as well as a rich matcha tiramisu.

Muskmelon Duo

メロンと白ワインゼリーのパフェ Muskmelon and White Wine Jelly Parfait

Available between June 1st and August 31st, this parfait combines juicy muskmelon, premium vanilla ice cream, Crème Chantilly and white wine jelly with roasted coconuts sprinkled on top.

メロンのショートケーキ Melon Shortcake

Available only in the month of June, this summer shortcake blends muskmelon with fresh cream in a fluffy sponge cake. A la mode, of course.

White Peach Wonders

白桃のショートケーキ White Peach Shortcake

Available in July, this summery version of a classic dessert features fresh white peaches, fresh cream blended with yogurt, and sandwiched in a shortcake.

ピーチメルバ Peach Melba

Available in the sizzling month of August, this peach melba will bring you much-needed relief with lightly-marinated peaches, fresh cream, vanilla ice cream and a granité topping.

抹茶と黒蜜のティラミス Matcha and Kuromitsu Tiramisu

Enjoy the harmonious blend of mascarpone cream and kuromitsu syrup with the bittersweet accent of matcha. Available from June 1st until August 31st.

All abovementioned dessert selections are priced at 1,320 JPY (tax incl.).

For more information on menu and Kihachi Cafe locations, please visit Kihachi's website.

By - Ben K.