Japan’s swelteringly humid summers can be a challenge, even for those who have lived in the country their whole life. But there is one upside to the weather, and it’s all the Japanese summer specialty dishes which were created to help cool down the overheated inhabitants.

Two of the most iconic foods are about to collide in an ambitious culinary crossover, thanks to Tokyo ramen restaurant Bankara, to help people combat the unforgiving climate.

First, the ultimate summer dessert, kakigori. This is Japanese shaved ice, made with either water or milk for the ice, then flavoured with syrups, yoghurt, and various toppings such as fruit and red bean paste, depending on how fancy the kakigori shop is.

The next component of the mashup is an unexpected one, ramen. Particularly cold ramen. While it may sound strange to the uninitiated, cold noodle dishes are a favourite during summer in Japan, known to be refreshing on a boiling hot day.

So while kakigori and ramen are a unimaginable collaboration to some, it actually makes a lot of sense. After cooking, cold noodle dishes are usually cooled down with ice anyway, and some even come with ice floating in the broth.

For Bankara’s icy creation, they chose chilled miso ramen. Though you wouldn’t know it just from looking, as the dish is covered in a generous helping of finely shaved ice, it contains all the usual trappings of ramen. Underneath the pile of ice is char siu pork, moyashi (bean sprouts) and menma (fermented bamboo shoots) topped noodles and broth.

This refreshing ramen will be sold at select branches of Bankara Ramen from 15th June for 880 yen.

By - Jess.