Until now, the Venn diagram between Vtuber culture and VR social networks has been relatively small. On the one hand, Vtubers like Kizuna AI, Kaguya Luna, Mirai Akari, YuNi, etc. have been active on their own YouTube channels, and have sometimes had their own TV or radio shows. On the other hand, most people who enjoy socializing in VR join popular SNS platforms like VRChat.

However, Kaguya Luna had a virtual concert in the virtual SNS Cluster last year, which was very successful, and more minor Vtubers do occasionally make appearances in VRChat.

The smartphone app REALITY allows Vtuber performers to broadcast and interact with fans, who can comment as well as send free or paid animations and other gifts. Unlike apps where you're limited to viewing content, REALITY also allows you to create your own avatar. While not as robust as VRoid when it comes to customization, you can still create a decent-looking model.

Link up your REALITY and Cluster accounts

Until now, the only way to use your REALITY avatar was in REALITY. However, as a result of a new update by Wright Flyer Live Entertainment, you can now link your REALITY account to your Cluster account.

What this means is you're free to explore Cluster and socialize with other users with an avatar entirely of your own design.

New VR social platform ambr, which we introduced last month, allows you to link to your VRoid Hub account so you can import models you made in VRoid Studio or the VRoid mobile app. However, the ability to create and use an avatar within a large and well-established VR social platform like Cluster, and (if you use Cluster's mobile app) to do so all on your smartphone, is significant, especially if you don't have access to a PC.

The setup was very easy and it took no time to create an avatar and begin exploring. For example, here I am in the Sakura Moon world with my REALITY avatar:

Image captured with Cluster in-world camera

Currently, REALITY has a roster of well-known Vtubers from Hololive and Nijisanji such as Tsukino Mito, Tokino Sora, Liz and Lita from KMNZ and Super Sonico, just to name a few

Perhaps with this new feature, fans can hope to see their favorite REALITY Vtubers make an appearance in Cluster? At least it's a definite possibility for independent Vtubers who don't rely on any corporate backing and are free to act as they wish.

If you're new to Cluster, you can explore Virtual Shibuya from the Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project, explore Ilya Kuvshinov's art at virtual exhibit VIVID, or just scroll through the suggestions.


By - Ben K.