In Japan, using a fan to cool off in summer is a common sight. They are neither limited to ceremonial usage nor are they used exclusively by women. Men also use folding hand fans as a convenient way to cool down. There are rigid round-shaped fans called uchiwa 団扇, as well as folding fans called sensu 扇子. The most popular fan for business use is the sensu, for the obvious reason that it's easier to transport and takes up less space.

A man cooling off with a black hand-fan | [Tig.] Tokyo Image Groups / © PIXTA

Even if a sensu is more portable than an uchiwa, it's not without its disadvantages. If you put it in your bag, it's easy to lose track of, unless you have a special thin sleeve or pocket in your bag for that purpose. Some people put them in the side pockets of their slacks, but they can get quite uncomfortable when you sit down. Putting them in a back pocket is even worse, as they can easily slip out.

Fortunately, now there's a smart way to carry around your folding fan which makes sensu:

TAVARAT real leather sensu case with carabiner clip

Sensu cases are usually simple affairs made of cloth and no additional features, except perhaps occasionally a drawstring at the top.

Fashion accessory brand TAVARAT is now selling a handsome line of sensu cases with a carabiner clip, so you can easily attach it to your slacks, pants, jeans or whatever you're wearing, or you can attach it to your business bag:

These cases are made of high-quality authentic pit-tanned leather from Ehime Prefecture and will weather beautifully the longer you own them.

They come in six color variations:

The lining is made of micro-suede:

The carabiner clip is made of real brass, and will also age well, gaining a nice weathered look.

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(Note: They only deliver to Japanese addresses, so you may need to use a forwarding service such as White Rabbit Express or Tenso to have it delivered abroad.)

By - Ben K.