One of the cool things about fast food chains in Japan is their propensity to feature seasonal Japanese specialties that you probably wouldn’t be able to find in their western counterparts. For example, McDonald's Japan have previously debuted purple sweet potato shakes for autumn, and where would we tea lovers be without their extensive matcha frappe lineups that turn up every year?

One treat which is absolutely spot on for summer is the juicy Hokkaido specialty, Yubari melon. This month, McDonald's Japan’s McCafe are releasing two types of limited-time-only Hokkaido melon frappes, a cold refreshment to help everyone chill out this season in the sweltering Japanese heat.

Source: McDonalds Japan

The Hokkaido Melon & Milk Frappe (medium 470 yen, large 540 yen) has graced the McCafe before, and is a tempting combination of milk and melon puree sauce, creating a sweet and refreshing beverage. The drink is topped with whipped cream and more of the aforementioned sauce which is made from genuine Hokkaido-grown melon.

Source: McDonalds Japan

The second offering is a new one and will appeal to those with a sweet tooth, the Hokkaido Melon & Choco Frappe (medium 490 yen, large 560 yen). Topping the already sweet melon smoothie is whipped cream and sauce made from extra rich Belgian couverture chocolate, sprinkled with Oreo pieces.

The frappe duo will only be sold at Japanese McDonald's branches with a McCafe, where they’ll hit the cafes from June 24th 2020 and sadly disappear in the latter half of August.

By - Jess.