As part of a limited-time campaign from June 24th, McDonald's Japan will be releasing three of the world’s most popular beef burgers to their Japan stores.

Three of the major fast-food chain’s most popular beef burgers will appear on the menu as part of the summertime campaign: “Mighty Beef Original” from Canada, “Smoky BBQ” from the UK, and “Karubi Mac” from Japan.

At a time when it is impossible to travel internationally, the new menu will be bringing two new burgers from the other side of the world to stores in Japan.

The Canadian style burger, “Mighty Beef Original”, comes complete with a thick beef patty seasoned in a smoky black pepper and garlic spice, and is topped with smoky bacon bits and burger sauce. The “Mighty Beef Original” is encased in a fluffy sesame bun.

The “Smoky BBQ” burger from the UK features a juicy beef patty and smoky bacon strips and is finished off with black pepper, cinnamon, and a specialty bbq sauce made from 10 spices. This brit burger also comes encased in a fluffy steamed in-store bun.

With the two international burgers a special feature on the meaty campaign menu, it might feel an easy choice to discard the Japanese burger – but don’t judge too soon, this burger is a limited edition too. The “Karubi Mac” includes a classic beef patty covered with soft marinated slices of karubi, Japan's version of Korean Galbi, making the decision of which burger to choose from the menu even tougher.

In addition to the “Karubi Mac”, Mcdonald's Japan plans to reintroduce a second popular Japanese burger to the special summer menu from the middle of July, and are encouraging their patrons to keep a watchful eye on their website and twitter for updates.

Sales of the special summertime meaty campaign will commence from 10:30 on June 24th. The prices for each item will be as follows:

  • Mighty Beef Original - 490 yen per burger, 790 yen per value setli>
  • Smoky BBQ - 490 yen per burger, 790 yen per value set
  • Karubi Mac - 420 yen per burger, 720 yen per value set

Unfortunately these burgers will be featured in Japanese stores throughout the summertime only, so be quick if you want to grab a burger or two from across the world.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.