Despite the fact that Japan's scariest haunted house experience boasts the appeal of wandering through an abandoned hospital, social distancing protocol and other safety measures due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made things a bit grim for the haunted house business. And while you can probably still try out Japan's haunted taxi service, it isn't quite the same not knowing what might jump out from the next corner.

Haunted house production group Kowagarase-tai (Scaring Corps) put their horror thinking caps on and have proposed a solution, however, in what they call the world's first drive-in haunted house.

The drive-in horror experience sees patrons drive into a garage (located in Higashi Azabu, Tokyo), which is then closed. Like many Japanese haunted houses, it comes with an interactive back story: "It is said that long ago a gruesome event occurred in this garage. It's said that if you honk your horn three times inside, something will happen..."

The company is keeping the details of the story and experience in the dark for obvious reasons, but they will provide an audio guide and telling of the story that can be played via the car's sound system or in the garage, failing that. They've teased the idea of Japanese ghost girls clinging to your car, and are offering photo shoots with your blood-covered car should you survive the experience.

Unfortunately, it's not a summer long event but instead a two-day affair. The first day (July 4th 12:00pm-7:30pm) will be open to customers with their own car. On the second day (11:00am-6:30pm), the event will provide cars that groups who don't have their own vehicle to bring. The event is priced at 8,000 yen a car (for the whole group) but 9,000 yen if you use a provided car.

The event group is emphasizing the experience as an anti-COVID-19 haunted house, disinfecting each car between use as well as staff (read: ghosts).

Participation requires a reservation filled out online.

By - Big Neko.