Currently on Japanese Twitter, there is a trending hashtag of "#あなたの狂った体験を聞かせて" (Tell us about a crazy experience you had).

Let us introduce Ayaomi Hogi’s (@hogiayaomi) “crazy experience”, posted by herself on Twitter.

A bride performs “Battou” out of love for her favorite video game character!

Hogi loves Touken Ranbu, a simulation game where you collect, strengthen, and fight in battles with characters based on most historically famous katana (Japanese swords).

Of all the characters, Hogi particularly loves the one based on Heshikiri Hasebe from the Nanbokucho period in Japan. So much so, she even brought a model sword to her pre-wedding photoshoot!

Take a look at the awesome photos from the shoot.

A bride in her all-white, traditional Japanese wedding Kimono (Shiromuku), performing the swift Japanese sword-drawing technique of "battou" like her favorite samurai (sword)!

Apparently, even all of the wedding hall staff came out for the photoshoot to watch the bride’s performance live.

According to Hogi, the couple had a lot fun getting into during the shoot, and even "slashed" her husband post shoot.

After the wedding ceremony, the katana was displayed by their bedside, so it looks like it is now a protective Hogi family sword.

By - Mugi.