We've seen promise of a Japanese artificial intelligence hologram device embrace and anime aesthetic to be your perfect partner before, but a recently developed smartphone application and artificial intelligence game engine by the name of SELF is boasting companionship abilities never seen before by a virtual girlfriend. With upgrades to its conversation potential and perception of the player, the AI. engine is said to provide a beautiful girlfriend with conversation ability close to that of a real partner.

The app's responding character is "beautiful robot girl" Ai Furuse, and is designed to give unique responses (with a conversation vocabulary of over 30,000 words) by monitoring valuess of the player, as well as changes in the player's preferences and events that occur in their life. In the video below, you'll notice that she has a particular mode of animation and reacts with facial expressions, laughs, and even eyebrow movements--all modeled after human movement to create a natural response. (Although how natural that is up to you.)

Ai functions by collecting and remembering information about the player, pursue values that match the player's, and even remark on changes she detects in the player by recalling conversation history. In the sample images, she comments on how the player has not been feeling well lately, and advises them of a potential opportunity by telling them now is a time to show of their skill. In short, the app is promising a balanced combination of emotive response, computer memory, and potentially unique conversation paths. She'll respond to events you tell her about, such as cheering you on should you head off to work.

The catch at the moment, is that Ai only has a capacity to store up to three days worth of conversation and memory, after which she will return to a clean slate, same as the day you first booted up the app. In order to keep her streak going after the third day, the player must pay a cloud usage fee. It's said that Ai's capabilities are demonstrated more clearly after the fee is paid.

The game is currently available for free, but at the Japanese iTunes store, so you may need to jump through a hoop or too to try it out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.