Source: At Press

10,000 yen luxury tomato juice released in Japan

Produce in Japan (such as the rare white strawberry) can sometimes sell for extraordinary prices in Japan that make travelers do a double take. A soon released to be released luxury tomato juice will do the same, but the makers argue for good reason. Agricultural developer and consultant OSMIC is releasing an award winning high-end tomato juice that clocks in at 10,000 yen ($93 USD as of time of writing).

"OSMIC Tomato Juice first" has a sugar content of 15%, but uses no added sugar or water. The juice is made from OSMIC mini tomatoes, winners of the Vegetable Sommelier Summit Special Tomato Grand Prix. OSMIC cultivates the mini-tomatoes in a special soil that they say contributes to a higher sugar content and umami than usual, with a taste similar to mangoes.

Reservations are currently available for the high end tomato juice in Japan if you're curious enough (or really love tomato juice), with delivery expected in July.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.