Great Big Story has covered some fascinating topics in Japan, including the country's first all-female staffed sushi restaurant, the beautiful world of traditional Japanese sweets, and the fluffy history of rabbit island. Now they've turned their camera to just as interesting a topic in the world of exorbitantly priced premium fruit in Japan. As primary example, they examine the cultivation of the rare "white jewel" white strawberry, larger and sweeter than normal strawberries, and which sometimes sell at $10 a piece!

Yashuhito Teshima describes how he carefully cultivates the unique and well-sought-after white berries on his farm in Karatsu, Japan.

In Japan, there is a certain buzz surrounding carefully-cultivated premium fruits as luxury items. In Japan's extensive gift-giving culture, some of these rare fruits are valued as high quality and special standout presents. Most notable are watermelons that can be shaped like hearts and cubes, and even a Hokkaido Cantaloupe that sold for 3 million yen ($27,240 USD)!

As Teshima is the only person in Japan growing these rare white strawberries, it's no wonder they are valued as an expensive delicacy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.