Doughnuts are widely loved by many people because they are easy to hold, go well with coffee and tea, are adorable, and most important, delicious! One doughnut can give you enough energy to last through the day and in Japan, doughnuts are loved by many people.

As Japan is the country of “kawaii”, sometimes it might be a bit hard to choose from the many shop options available, but this is what I’m here for. As a fan of anything cute and delicious, I love going around cafes and doughnut shops in Japan and here I will be introducing you my best picks in Tokyo:

Higuma Doughnuts

Higuma Doughnuts has been very popular among all generations and has two stores in Tokyo, one in Omotesando(Higuma Doughnuts+Coffee Wrights; in collaboration with Coffee Wrights) and one in Gakugei Daigaku(Gakugei University) in Meguro City.

Their doughnuts are made with carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido (such as flour, butter, milk, sugar, etc.) and you can also enjoy good coffee, light meals besides the adorable and delicious doughnuts they have on sale.

The ambiance of the shop is great and there are a lot of tasty doughnuts available on sale.

Access: Higuma Doughnuts in Meguro

Access: Higuma Doughnuts in Omotesando

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Good Town Doughnuts and Coffee

Good Town Doughnuts and Coffee also has vegan options and flavors available, together with almond milk and soy milk options available for tea or coffee. The interior of the shop is very nice and cozy and their doughnuts are soft and come in a variety of flavors.


Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee

The shop’s doughnuts are bigger than regular doughnuts in Japan and you get a lot of toppings and flavors you can choose from. They have a lot of tasty and kawaii doughnuts and the shop has a nice atmosphere.


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Haritts Donuts&Coffee

The smell of homemade doughnuts, tasty drinks, an adorable store design, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, and good service, Harrits Donuts&Coffee simply has it all. I recommend this place from the bottom of my heart. I love spending a peaceful morning or afternoon while enjoying a cup of coffee with a fresh, soft, delicious doughnut in the serene environment of the shop.


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These are my top four recommendations for doughnut shops in Tokyo. There are a lot of places full of tasty and kawaii sweets in Tokyo, so you can browse around our website for more recommendations and have fun exploring the city in search of delicious treats!

By - cinnamonellie.