Due to the high humidity and hot weather during summers in Japan, many companies have been competing to create the most convenient and unique items so people can use it during this season.

The “cool items” are made specially to make you feel comfortable during summer and there is a wide range of these products, good for both indoors and outdoors.

Without further introduction, I would like to present to you some of my top four picks:

The portable fan (IFAN Portamini/ アイファンポルタミニ)

The portable fans have been popular in Japan for ages and the Ifan portamini promises the best comfort during summer. It is easy to hold, can even be clipped on your laptop, it’s light, cute, and can be charged by USB.

However, don’t underestimate this little fellow just because it looks tiny and adorable. Its power can go up to three stages and can be continuously used for 9 hours straight!

Besides the Ifan, you can also find rechargeable mini fans for offices that have an aroma tray attached where you can put your favorite fragrance and enjoy a relaxing time while cooling down!

You can find portable fans pretty much everywhere, but for the one I presented above, I recommend going to Loft or you can simply buy one from Amazon.

Bed sheets with cooling properties for summer

I purchased some bed sheets and pillows with cooling properties from Nittori. Most of the options I saw were in blue colors and when you lay down, it feels so cool and nice.

You'll barely sweat while sleeping on them and it will make your nights more comfortable.

You can find not only bedsheets but also towels, masks that are made from fabrics that keep them cold and nice during summers.

Cooling spray

The cooling sprays promise instant cooling down after spraying. There are many such cooling items and you can also get UV cool down sprays or gels so you have protection from the sun (two in one!).

Depending on your preference, you can also opt for the powder-mixed types and you even get to choose if you want one with no fragrance, one smelling like deodorant/soap, or a more floral smell.

You can find it available in the drugstores all over Japan. For those who'd like to know, I bought mine from Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Gatsby cooling wipes

These wipes are a must in my bag during the hot season. You can get the face ones or the body ones and I assure you will immediately feel the cooling effect. There are a few fragrances you can pick from, but my personal favorite is the citrus one.

I recommend having it with you during summers here as it’s very convenient and does its job. You can find it in every drugstore, supermarket, or convenience store in Japan.

These are my top four convenient goods for this season and would love to hear which is your must-have item during summers in Japan.

By - cinnamonellie.