Kirby Café, the popular chain of restaurants based on the Kirby series, announced a Kirby Café Summer 2022 event starting from July 7th, 2022.

This year's theme is peach, and there will be around seven types of limited-time menu items inspired by the adorable Kirby.

Here is a closer look at the menu:

ヘンケイ!くるまほおばりケーキ ~WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD!~ (henkei! kuruma hōbari kēki "Transform! Mouthful car cake") is an adorable and delicious sponge dessert full of fruits coated in strawberry-flavored blancmange.

Price: 1,848 JPY (tax included)

The カービィのピーチ♡ピーチパフェ (kābī no pīchi ♡ pīchi pafe "Kirby's Peach ♡ Peach Parfait") is a cool dessert for a perfect summer! It is sweet and has Kirby surrounded by peaches and many layers of colors.

Furthermore, it comes with an adorable character glass that you can take home!

Price: 2,530 JPY (tax included)

The ガルルフィのあしあとデザートピッツァ (garurufi no ashiato dezāto pittsa "Awoofy's pawprint dessert pizza") is inspied by Awoofy, the enemy character who first appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The dessert pizza is freshly baked, full of custard cream, and topped with many refreshing fruits along with Awoofy's pawprints.

Price: 1,628 yen (tax included) ※Only available at Kirby Café TOKYO.

The ワドワドワドルディのなかよしライスコロッケ (wado wado wadorudi no nakayoshi raisu korokke "Waddle Dee's close friends' rice croquette") is a plate full of veggies and rice croquettes that resemble cute Waddle Dees having fun in a forest of salad.

Price: 1,848 JPY (tax included)

As for the デデデもまんぷく! まさかのビーストキングプレート (dedede mo manpuku! masaka no bīsuto kingu purēto, "It can even satisfy Dedede! The Unexpected Beast King plate"), it's a meat plate produced by King Dedede himself that will surely fill your tummy! The dish is perfect for meat lovers and also comes with delicious seasonal vegetables on the side.

Price: 1,980 JPY (tax included).

The drink menu includes the ころころ♪ももいろピーチティーソーダ (korokoro momo iro pīchi tī sōda "Korokoro ♪ Peach-colored peach tea soda") and the ころころ♪なついろパインアップルソーダ (Korokoro ♪ Natsu iro pain'appuru sōda "Korokoro ♪ Summer colors pineapple soda."


Both come with a randomly chosen character stirrer that you can take home as a souvenir. There are three designs: two portraying Kirby and one Waddle Dee, all looking extremely adorable.

Price: 1,848 JPY (tax included).

The Kirby Café Summer 2022 runs from July 7th to September 11th, and you can find them at two Kirby Café locations in Japan: one in Tokyo (Skytree complex) and the other one in Hakata, Fukuoka.

For more related information, check the Kirby Café Official Website.

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